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UK Cosmo meeting, Oxford, Sep 23, 2014

The meeting will take place in the Denys Wilkinson Building (on Keble Road) in the Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre on the 5th floor. See here for how to get there.

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The next UK Cosmo meeting will take place on September 23, 2014 in Oxford

NAM 2014/UK Cosmo

UK Cosmo's next meeting will form part of NAM 2014 to be held in Portsmouth on 24th June 2014. Click here for more details.
Winton Capital Management

UK Cosmology gratefully acknowledges financial support from Winton Capital Management


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Recent Publications

A selection of the most recent publications of the UK Cosmology community

Physics at the CLIC e+e- Linear Collider -- Input to the Snowmass process 2013
Halina Abramowicz, Angel Abusleme, Konstatin Afanaciev, et al.
The Dark Energy Cosmic Clock: A New Way to Parametrise the Equation of State
Ewan R. M. Tarrant, Edmund J. Copeland, Antonio Padilla, Constantinos Skordis